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About Precision Door Hardware Co Inc

Precision Door Hardware Co Inc
Baldwin - Schlage - Omnia Door Hardware specialists since 1975

Great prices, the largest stock in the USA, one on one customer service and unequalled Baldwin, Schlage and Omnia sales and installation expertise since 1975. No online ordering, just hardware specialists ready to advise. We are well known by the manufacturers we represent for our extensive knowledge and customer service. We have been supplying Internet customers with mail order Baldwin and Schlage since 1997, longer than virtually every other dealer in existence. We have now introduced Omnia hardware to our exclusive line-up and have quickly become the Internets leading Omnia dealer.

Every day a new Internet website shows up. Despite some bold claims these little fly by night companies are just amateurs trying to sell products they know nothing about. Some have gone to great lengths to copy us, since we have been successfully selling on the internet for 13 years. The manufacturers have never heard of them. Some don't even have addresses. When in doubt, call the manufacturer themselves and see if they have even heard of them.

If you need carpeting, do you go to a plumber? If you need a new sink, do you go to a roofer? Of course not. But all these new "home improvement" sites are trying to do exactly that, sell you Baldwin Brass and Schlage lock hardware with absolutely NO knowledge about the products. These are generally a plumbing, lumberyard or faucet website trying to be a "one site sells all" company. If you have a problem, or question about whether something is appropriate do you think that a handyman faucet salesman or irrigation salesman is going to know? Do you think Baldwin or Schlage would recommend a faucet or plumbing company? They don't.

We have great discounted prices, and $8.95 or less shipping charges. And that is INSURED UPS, not postal service. We have the best return / exchange policy on the Internet. Read about it HERE.  Here's a tip you can bet on. The more products a website sells, the LESS they know about each one. We guarantee it. Do they have a toll free phone and fax line? Do they discourage any contact, insisting on online ordering only? Do they respond to emails promptly? No address? Knowledgeable phone help or amateur guesswork?

Who we are:

Precision Door Company was founded in 1987 in Suffolk County, New York. Our business records are on file in the county clerk office. We have an unblemished record with the Suffolk County consumer affairs department. Supplying and installing doors and door hardware here on Long Island has given us a unique insight into what constitutes quality door hardware and that's why we ONLY sell Baldwin, Schlage and Omnia.

We have been in the door and lock installation business exclusively since 1975 performing door and lock installations for other companies here on Long Island, before branching out and founding our own in September 1987. We speak to each and every customer (we have NO online ordering) to be sure you receive the correct products that will work for your needs. We are always here to answer your technical questions, and take great pains to be sure what you are interested in will work for you.

Baldwin - Schlage - Omnia information:

TOLL FREE ordering and quotation line: (888) 306-2298
TOLL FREE fax information line: (888) 306-9303  (24 hours a day)

E-mail's monitored days, nights and weekends at: E-mail us anytime!
Business hours Monday - Friday  9:00am - 4:30pm EST
Saturday by appointment

Our mailing address:
Note: This is our corporate office address, NOT for returns!
Precision Door Hardware Co Inc.
Huntington, New York 11743-2415



Price quotes or general information: info@precisiondoors.com
Voice (888) 306-2298    Fax (888) 306-9303 
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