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Schlage Door Locks and Hardware - Schlage Deadbolt Pricing

Schlage Brass Deadbolts  The following is complete list of all the Schlage B360 series deadbolts that we carry. The left column is the product number. The middle column is the product description in abbreviated form. The last column is the manufacturer LIST price from which we deduct 46%. The designation B360 means a deadbolt with a key on the outside and a thumbpiece on the inside. A B362 is a deadbolt with a key on BOTH sides of the door.

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Finish chart with corresponding numbers can be found HERE

We deduct 46% off the last column - your cost!

Single cylinder (key outside turnpiece inside)

Product Product Designation MFG List  12/1/2006
B360N505 SCHLAGE B360N 505 50.30
B360N605 SCHLAGE B360N 605 44.90
B360N609 SCHLAGE B360N 609 49.40
B360N613 SCHLAGE B360N 613 51.90
B360N619 SCHLAGE B360N 619 51.90
B360N620 SCHLAGE B360N 620 51.90
B360N625 SCHLAGE B360N 625 51.90
B360N626 SCHLAGE B360N 626 51.90
B360N716 SCHLAGE B360N 716 51.90

Double Cylinder (key outside AND key inside)

B362N505 SCHLAGE B362N 505 69.90
B362N605 SCHLAGE B362N 605 62.30
B362N609 SCHLAGE B362N 609 68.50
B362N613 SCHLAGE B362N 613 72.00
B362N619 SCHLAGE B362N 619 72.00
B362N620 SCHLAGE B362N 620 72.00
B362N625 SCHLAGE B362N 625 72.00
B362N626 SCHLAGE B362N 626 72.00
B362N716 SCHLAGE B362N 716 72.00


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