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Schlage Door Hardware - D series Heavy Duty locks

Schlage Door Hardware - D series Heavy Duty locks

D-Series locks are specified when the highest quality mechanisms are required. These locks are best suited for commercial, institutional and industrial use. The heavy duty keyed lever functions are designed to meet handicap and accessibility codes. C-Series locks have non-ferrous and stainless steel assemblies for marine climate conditions. To learn more about Schlage's D series locksets, download the D series PDF file: PDHCDLevers.pdf

Precision Door Hardware will meet or beat ANY faxed quotation on this fine commercial grade door hardware, and we stock every function and finish in huge quantities!

Schlage's completely redesigned D-Lock sets a new standard in grade 1 security. The new D-Lock has been designed to provide:

  • Cylindrical lock housing. Cold rolled steel, corrosion treated for normal atmospheric conditions
  • Key removable outside knobs for easy cylinder replacement
  • Solid brass 6-pin cylinders
  • No exposed mounting screws
  • Exceeds 800,000 cycle ANSI Grade 1 requirements by nearly 4 times (3,000,000 cycles)

The new D-Locks are designed for commercial, institutional and industrial use in facilities such as schools, hospitals and factories where a long life of dependable operation must be combined with a high degree of resistance to physical abuse. A full range of functions is available to meet all application needs. In addition, the popular functions of all lever designs are available in Vandlguard, where the lever is free-wheeling in the locked position to resist more forceful attacks.



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