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Schlage door hardware - L series mortise locks

Schlage mortise locks Schlage door hardware - L series mortise locks - L-Series mortise locks are engineered to meet or exceed commercial and institutional standards in an extensive selection of lock functions and decorative finishes. An expansive variety of lever and knob designs use a common, non-handed lock case, providing unsurpassed versatility and security in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and commercial buildings, as well as finer residences. To read more about "L" series locksets on Schlage's website, click HERE.

The mortise body case size on these locksets are 4 7/16" wide by 6 1/16" in height and are available in 2.75" backset only.

  • Applications: For commercial and institutional buildings where the finest in mortise locks are required.
  • Certifications: L9000: ANSI A156.13 Series 1000,Grade 1 Operational and Security, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door (except L9076 and L9077). With interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 2 Security. L400: ANSI A156.5 Grade 1 UL Listed auxiliary lock for 3-hour fire door.
  • With Concealed Cylinder: ANSI A156.13, Grade 1 Operational and Security. ANSI/ASTM F476-76 Grade 40, UL Listed.

Escutcheons: L escutcheons are cold forged brass or bronze and stainless steel. N escutcheons are heavy wrought reinforced brass, bronze and stainless steel. L = 8" x 1 " x 7 /16" (203 mm x 44 mm x 11 mm). N = 8" x 2 9/16" x 7 /16" (203 mm x 65 mm x 11 mm).

Roses: A = 2 1/8" (54 mm) diameter wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel. B = 2 9/16" (65 mm) diameter wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel.

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